Summer Research Assistant Jobs in University of Regina Limnology Laboratory

Contribute to 30+ years of long term ecological research of lakes in the Qu’Appelle Valley & survey 100 grassland lakes this summer!

The Limnology Laboratory at the University of Regina is seeking motivated students to sample lakes in the Qu’Appelle Valley, SK, as well as conduct laboratory analyses and small experiments as part of the Institute of Environmental Change and Society (  This year we will also be conducting a survey of 100 lakes in southern Saskatchewan to map out present water quality in the Prairies. As well, we will be collecting sediment cores for historical analyses of many lakes!  These projects are part of a long-term effort to quantify the effects of land use, urbanization, and climate change on aquatic ecosystems in the northern Great Plains.

                                    Term:                         May 1 to August 31, 2024

                                    Salary:                        $2300.00 per month, 1 week paid vacation

                                    Closing Date:             March 11 2024

Some experience within the field of aquatic biology, chemistry, environmental science, or geography is preferred, but not essential. Applicants should possess a valid driver’s license, and be comfortable working on open water from small boats. You will be required to work outside, possibly under difficult weather conditions. Experience with analytical laboratory procedures and numerical analysis would be an asset. We will be providing field work and in-lab training, and covering the cost of leisure boat licenses and First-Aid training.

Research will involve comprehensive weekly sampling of chemical and biological parameters of the lakes within the Qu’Appelle Valley as well as fossil analyses (paleoecology) of lake sediments. This weekly sampling will cumulate to the intensive 100 lake survey planned starting in July.  Opportunities exist for independent research, honours projects, and graduate theses.

 Interested applicants should submit   a CV/resume, cover letter, list of relevant courses taken, as well as the names and contact information of two references.  Applications should be submitted to (lab manager: Ryan Rimas) or (Dr. Peter Leavitt) by the end of the closing date