Awards & Recognition Committee

Contact: Emily Austen, Anne Bruneau

The Awards and Recognition Committee develops criteria and processes for CSEE awards,solicits external judges, and adjudicates nominations. Click here for more informationabout CSEE awards

Biodiversity & Conservation Committee

Contact: TBD

The Biodiversity and Conservation Committee advises CSEE Council onissues related to biodiversity and conservation, in both scienceand policy.

Newsletter and Communications Committee

Contact: Émilie Champagne, Joey Bernhardt

CSEE bulletins are published twice a year, and are under the care of the e-news editor. Contributions are welcome! The purpose of the e-newsletter is to maintain communication with members. Please email the e-news editor with suggestions or questions.

Nominations Committee

Contact: Julia Baum

The Nominations Committee consists of the Vice-President as Chair and four Council members, one of whom is a student/postdoc Councillor. The Nominations Committee Solicits and receives nominations for CSEE Council elections; administers elections.

Outreach and Regional Conference Support

Contact: Eric Vander Wal

This facet of CSEE considers requests for CSEE financial support forscience outreach activities and regional conferences. Click here for more informationabout these opportunities.

CSEE representation on other committees

CIEE contact


The CSEE liases with the CIEE, the Canadian Institute for Ecology and Evolution regarding opportunities for training and workshops related to the study of ecology and evolution.

CCAC representative


The CSEE is a member organization on the CCAC, the Canadian Council for Animal Care. The CSEE representative advocates for the goals of the membership surrounding ethical use of animals in ecology and evolution research.