Early Career Award | CSEE: Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution


Applications for the Early Career Researcher Award are due every year on February 7th (or the next business day).

Award Description

The CSEE Early Career Awards recognize outstanding accomplishments and promising future research potential in ecology and evolution by scientists early in their career. The selection committee will consider applications through the lens of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Two awards are given out each year. Awardees receive a 10-year membership to CSEE/SCEE, a $600 cash award and an invitation to give a keynote lecture at the annual meeting. In addition, awardees are eligible to receive up to $1,100 allowance to assist with travel and participation in the annual CSEE meeting. For example, childcare services are considered an eligible expense for the allowance.


Applicants must have: 1) a research background in the field of ecology and evolutionary biology, and 2) received their doctorate within five years of the application deadline, not including time taken for parental leave(s). There are no citizenship requirements. However, applicants must be either currently working at a Canadian institution or have obtained their PhD from a Canadian University. Candidates must adhere to and uphold the CSEE Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity Statement.

Application Materials

Applicants must apply themselves.  Established researchers may encourage outstanding early-career scientists to apply, but to show their consent nominees/applicants must apply directly.

Applications must contain the following supporting materials in the stated order:

  1. A completed Applicant Awards Declaration Form.
  2. A modified curriculum vitae in which major identifying features are removed. For example, please remove your name from publications and presentations and replace it with “The Applicant”.
  3. A summary of research accomplishments (maximum 2 pages). Please use non-identifying language. For example, you can refer to the specific labs you have been affiliated with, but should refrain from identifying yourself by name.
  4. A statement of research plans for the next 5 years (maximum of 2 pages).

Letters of Reference: Three letters of reference are required for each applicant and must be sent directly by the referees. Referees must use non-identifying terms, such as “The Applicant”. For example, “The applicant has been a member of my lab…”. In addition to commenting on the candidate’s accomplishments and future research potential, letters of reference should highlight how the applicant demonstrated leadership and commitment that aligns with CSEE’s Diversity and Inclusivity Statement.

Submitting Your Application

All materials (including letters of reference) must be emailed by the deadline to csee.awards.prix.scee@gmail.com. All materials should be sent with the following filename convention: lastname_firstinitial_CSEE_ECRawardYEAR.pdf OR lastname_firstinitial_CSEE_ECRreference.pdf.

Applicants will be notified of outcomes in April.

Important: The name (first or last) of the applicant must not appear anywhere within the application other than the file names. This anonymization is meant to reduce bias during the evaluation process. Failure to properly anonymize applications could result in disqualification.