President's Award for Research Excellence | CSEE: Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution


This award is offered every second year in odd years (e.g. 2021, 2023,  etc.). The opportunity to apply for this award is announced in the Spring of the year it is offered. Review of nominees will begin on March 15th.

Award Description

The President’s Award for Research Excellence is the highest distinction conferred by the Society, and is given every two years to a Canadian scientist in recognition of outstanding scientific contributions that support the research objectives of the Society.


To be considered eligible, the applicant/nominee must be affiliated with a Canadian university, government body, not-for-profit, or other business. The applicant/nominee does not have to be a Canadian citizen.

Application/Nomination Materials

Nominations for this award may be submitted directly by an applicant or on behalf of an eligible candidate. To apply or nominate, please complete the CSEE President’s Award Nomination Form. This form requires the name, affiliation, and contact information of the applicant/nominee, and a brief (2 page max.) description of the contributions and merit of the applicant/nominee.

Submitting Your Application/Nomination

Completed nomination forms should be emailed to materials should be sent with the following filename convention: lastname_firstinitial_CSEE_PresidentResearcjEngagementawardYEAR.pdf.