MSc and PhD opportunities, Global Change in the western Canadian Arctic

The laboratory of Dr. Suzanne Tank at the University of Alberta is seeking MSc and PhD students to join her team’s ongoing research efforts to explore how global change is affecting ecosystem function and broader biogeochemical cycling in the western Canadian Arctic. Graduate student research will build on her group’s past and ongoing efforts to understand the ecological and biogeochemical effects of the accelerating permafrost thaw in this region, with a focus on stream ecosystem function. This work is part of a collaborative effort that includes scientists at the University of Alberta, other Canadian institutions, and the NWT Territorial government, and occurs in close association with local community organizations. Over the near term, project focal areas will include examining the ecological and biogeochemical effects of sediment mobilization and transport from land, to freshwater, to ocean; how changes to carbon and nitrogen cycling work together to determine the broad scale effects of climate change; and how changes to chemical weathering affect this region’s carbon cycle.

Positions will be based at the University of Alberta, which is a top-five research institution in Canada. Preferred start dates are September 2024 or January 2025. To apply, please send an email to that includes a statement of interest, a CV, and a copy of transcripts (unofficial transcripts are acceptable). Recruitment for these positions will be ongoing, with applications reviewed as they are received.