The Department of Biology at the University of Saskatchewan is seeking a 2-year postdoctoral fellow to lead two projects focused on population dynamics and conservation planning of migratory birds: 

Project 1: We will develop novel population models for mourning doves in Missouri to guide harvest and conservation decisions. This project is a collaboration with Tom Thompson (Missouri Department of Conservation) and Dr. Tom Bonnot (US Fish and Wildlife Service). The postdoc will focus on estimating demographics, including survival, productivity, harvest and movements. In addition, we seek to prioritize collection of data sets that contribute most strongly to demographic estimation and monitoring in future years. 

Project 2: We will use all available demographic and population survey information collected since 1961 for the population of barnacle geese that breed in Greenland and winter in Ireland to estimate demographic rates and abundance in an integrated population model. We will identify demographic contributions to population growth rate, and test hypotheses about how land use and climate change are influencing barnacle goose population dynamics. 

There will be opportunities to explore related research questions and collaborate on several projects in movement and population ecology in the Weegman lab. 

Minimum qualifications: 

Ph.D. in statistics, wildlife ecology or closely related field 

Skills in Program R 

Demonstrated excellence in verbal and written communication 

Ability to work independently and as part of a research team 

Preferred qualifications: 

Skills in JAGS, NIMBLE, Stan 

Experience forming and running integrated population models 

Knowledge and experience in avian ecology 

Salary and benefits: Approximately $65,000 Canadian per year plus benefits 

Start date: 1 May 2024 

Last date to apply: 1 Dec 2023 

To be considered for this position, please send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, research statement and contact information for three references to Dr. Mitch Weegman (