We are recruiting a cluster of trainees and research assistants to work on a large project focused on wild Atlantic salmon ecology. Start date depends on the position; some beginning by April 2024.

Positions will be based in the new Core Sciences Facility at Memorial University, in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. They will be co-supervised by Dr. Craig Purchase (Prof of Biology: evolutionary ecology of fishes) and Dr. Shawn Leroux (Prof of Biology: ecosystem ecology).

The project is in partnership with ERMA (Environmental Resources Management Association), and subparts are funded by Fisheries & Oceans Canada (Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Fund), the Foundation for the Conservation of Atlantic Salmon, and Memorial University of Newfoundland.

The overall goal is to investigate bottlenecks that limit freshwater productivity of wild Atlantic salmon in Newfoundland, and the effectiveness of potential ecosystem restoration/enhancement. Each recruited position will have a different primary focus, but there will be substantial overlap and collaboration among the group. Modelling will attempt to predict spawning gravels from existing topographical/geological information, and carrying capacity based on spawning habitat. Field work will be concentrated on different tributaries of the Exploits River in central Newfoundland, and will include: 1) stream habitat surveys to test performance of gravel prediction models, 2) water quality monitoring to link abiotic inputs to invertebrate communities, 3) juvenile salmon performance, such as parr densities (electrofishing), parr growth rates, and smolt migration ages, and 3) adult spawning locations, determined from telemetry (radio tagging/helicopter) and redd surveys.

All positions are fully funded. Memorial University has ~ the lowest tuition in all of Canada,

and St. John’s is a relatively affordable city.

·      Postdoctoral fellow: $55,000-$60,000 per yr + benefits for up to 36 months

·      PhD student: At least $26,000 per yr for 48 months.

·      MSc student: At least $24,000 per yr for 24 months.

·      These trainees will be supported by new research assistant hires.

o   Full-time technician: for up to 40 months

o   Seasonal technician + summer students: 2024, 2025, 2026.

Interested applicants should email a detailed cover letter, CV, unofficial copy of transcripts, and detailed contact information for 3 references. Review of applications will begin November 20/23 and continue until the positions are filled.