The D’Aloia Lab at the University of Toronto Mississauga is seeking motivated students with a passion for marine science and/or molecular ecology to work on the following projects:

(1) Multi-species assessment of population structure in harvested fish species of Belize

Description: We are seeking a student with interests in conservation genomics to explore genetic structure and connectivity in multiple harvested fish species (hogfish, lane snapper, silky snapper) throughout the Belize barrier reef system. This project is part of a broader collaboration between UTM, the University of Belize Environmental Research Institute, Boston University, and Cornell University. Our partners are conducting the field work for this project; the graduate student would lead the laboratory work, bioinformatics, and data analysis. Coursework in genomics and bioinformatics is strongly preferred.

Open to: MSc (domestic applicants only) or PhD (domestic or international applicants, if students wish to expand the project’s scope)

(2) Sponge-fish interactions

Description: We have ongoing projects related to sponge-fish interactions in the southern Caribbean. Potential projects include evaluating the costs and fitness benefits of inhabiting distinct sponge hosts, monitoring the persistence and fitness of fishes on different hosts, and testing whether fishes have mutualistic relationships with their hosts. Candidates interested in this project should be willing to spend 1-2 months in the field per year. Students without diving experience would initially play a supporting role in the field until they gain sufficient training.

Open to: PhD (domestic or international); MSc opportunities may be open to domestic students but would require previous diving experience.

(3)  Marine larval dispersal

Description: We have longstanding interests in understanding the patterns, causes, and consequences of marine larval dispersal, and linking these data to conservation and fisheries management efforts. We are looking for students with interests in both genomics and field biology.

Open to: PhD only (domestic or international)

To Apply: Please send the following to Dr. Cassidy D’Aloia ( as a single PDF by Nov 18: (1) a brief letter outlining your research experiences and interests, and how they relate to our lab’s work; (2) a recent CV; (3) unofficial transcripts; (4) contact information for 2 referees; and (5) a writing sample, if available (thesis, paper, or major project report). Cassidy will interview candidates over Zoom and will support strong applications to the EEB program.