Starting from March 2024More info: – https://kalahariresearchcentre.org/volunteering/Contact: meerkat.volunteers@gmail.com

The ProjectThe Kalahari Meerkat Project is a long-term field project investigating the ecological causes and evolutionary consequences of cooperative breeding. We are looking for candidates to spend 12 months at our study site in the South African Kalahari Desert, collecting behavioural data on our habituated meerkat population.

What we offerThe field assistant will receive extensive training in field and data collection skills such as animal handling, radio-tracking, observing animals in the wild and working with databases. Accommodation and food will be provided. We also provide limited basic satellite internet connection.

Thinking of applying?• Successful applicants usually have a good degree in the biological sciences and an interest in animal behaviour.• Applicants should be in possession of a valid driving license with manual driving experience.• Applicants should have the ability to work and live with about 30+ people in a highly social environment, but be able to work alone for extended periods of time.• Applicants should be physically fit, hardworking, mentally strong, prepared for physically challenging work, and long days in the field.• Successful applicants may often be called upon to work longer hours on duties unrelated to their primary work, but for research station maintenance and communal living.• Due to the isolated location of the site, conducting field work in extreme weather (high temperatures in summer, and low temperatures in winter), and being away from friends and family for long periods, both the physical and mental comfort of the applicant may be affected. The applicant should thus be self-sufficient, self-motivated, and passionate about their work.

To apply:• All applicants should provide a single PDF document containing their CV and a relevantcovering letter detailing their experience and interest for the position, titled as theirSurname_FirstName.pdf. Send your application to the Kalahari Meerkat Project Managersat meerkat.volunteers@gmail.com.• Interviews for successful applicants will happen over Skype from December 2023.

Deadline for applications is 17th November 2023.