Two Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities, Mount Allison University, University of British Columbia

Postdoctoral Fellows will:

  • Work as part of a leadership team that will connect universities, governments, and Indigenous community partners across Canada.
  • Engage in community-led, interdisciplinary research that embraces multiple ways of knowing,
  • Participate in national workshops, knowledge gathering, data analysis, and scientific and community-focused communication:

PDF1 (MTA) will weave Indigenous Knowledge and Western science to aide in understanding how wildlife populations (e.g. behavior, abundance, diversity) and Indigenous communities (e.g. cultural practices, food sovereignty) are influenced by environmental change (e.g. climate change, disturbance);

PDF2 (UBC) will link field monitoring methods (e.g. via Indigenous Guardianship), Indigenous Knowledge, and Western science (Bayesian Integrated Population Models) to estimate changes in wildlife abundance and to support conservation, harvesting, and other management priorities.

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