Predator-Prey Interactions Gordon Conference: Registration now open

Third Gordon Research Conference on Predator-Prey Interactions
January 28 – February 2, 2018, Ventura, California
2018 Theme:”Scaling Across Space and Time”

Gordon Research Conferences are recognized as the “world’s premier scientific conferences”, where leading investigators from around the globe meet biennially for a full week of intense discussion of the frontier research in their field. We have an outstanding list of confirmed speakers and contributors (below). Our meeting is capped at 200 people, and filling up fast… so please register soon!

The neurobiology of responses to risk in individual prey can, when aggregated across a population, profoundly affect surrounding ecosystems. Similarly, researchers are increasingly aware of how quickly selection and epigenetic forces can shift prey phenotypes and alter future interactions with predators. In both cases, the connections between small-scale (within an individual or at a single point in time) and large-scale (across ecosystems or generations) processes illustrate how exploring the ‘linkage map’ of predator-prey interactions across scales can identify new fields of research and synergize the collaborations necessary to address them. We have targeted the most exciting advances in predator-prey work across multiple fields, with each speaker agreeing to share their latest unpublished findings. In order to encourage active participation from everyone at the conference, all attendees are strongly encouraged to present a poster on their work.

The complete program is available, along with further details concerning registration, at our website (

Sessions and Confirmed Speakers

Predator-prey interactions in the field and lab
Joel Berger, Caroline Blanchard (speakers)
Jacqueline Blundell & Evan Preisser (discussion leaders)

Evolutionary underpinnings of predator-prey interactions
John Orrock, Catherine Matassa, Robyn Crook, Robby Stoks (speakers)
Sonny Bleicher (discussion leader)

Predators at the landscape level
Elizabeth Madin, Trisha Atwood, Stephanie Periquet
Shelby Rinehart (discussion leader)

Prey responses to predator cues
Ted Stankowich, Grant Brown, William Resetarits, Mark Berry
Adam Crane (discussion leader)

Neural responses to predators
Gwyneth Card, Rupshi Mitra, Cornelius Gross
Newton Canteras (discussion leader)

Neurobiology of fear
Ken Lukowiak, Arun Asok, Gal Richter-Levin, Marta Moita
Wen Han Tong (discussion leader)

Carnivores in natural and managed landscapes
Doug Smith, Justin Suraci, Mathew Crowther
Rebecca Selden (discussion leader)

Transgenerational impacts of stress
Tracy Langkilde, Michael Sheriff, Brian Dias, Regina Sullivan
Michael Clinchy (discussion leader)

Past, present, and future directions in fear and predator-prey research
James Estes, Liana Zanette
Maud Ferrari & Ajai Vyas (discussion leaders)-