POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW in Wildlife Evolutionary Ecology

POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW in Wildlife Evolutionary Ecology The Wildlife Evolutionary Ecology Lab ( is looking to recruit a collegial post-doctoral fellow (PDF) for two years, pending renewal at one year. The position has a competitive salary and benefits. The PDF will join a collaborative and productive research group where we test notions related to habitat selection, social behavior, and predator-prey dynamics in a range of taxa.

Applicants should be critical thinkers with an interest in advancing research questions. They should have a track-record for publishing their research in reputable journals, be capable programmers, and effective science writers. Some specific tasks will benefit from an advanced understanding of resource selection, movement ecology, and predator-prey dynamics. There is a preference for applicants who have worked with iSSAs, engaged in network ecology (social or otherwise), conducted GIS in R, and are familiar with GitLab.

The position will accord a fair amount of academic freedom, with an emphasis on generating reproducible primary science. The position will also provide access to current datasets within the lab, and opportunities to collaborate with graduate students and lead team projects. There will be an emphasis on training and creating opportunities for advancement, which will include mentoring students (e.g., honors and/or MSc students), participating in proposal writing, and managing research projects.

Memorial hosts a diverse and engaging group of scientists studying ecology and evolution in the departments of Biology, the Cognitive and Behavioral Ecology program (Psychology), Geography, and Ocean Sciences. Departmental and inter-departmental events include regular discussions, workshops, and seminars from invited speakers. These intra-and inter-lab events encourage an important cross-fertilization of emerging ideas in ecology and evolution and exciting opportunities for collaboration.

Competitive applicants are encouraged to contact post-docs and senior PhDs in the WEEL group to obtain an informed opinion of the potential provided by this position and environment.

Please email your application to me ( I would appreciate if the application was a single *.pdf document. Please include a cover letter outlining your background, aspirations, and interests; a current CV including the names of three references; and two publications for which you are most proud.

Some flexibility in start date is available for the ideal candidate. Position will remain open until filled.

Thank you in advance.