PhD/MSc projects climate change effects on soil microbes and plant interactions in Canada and Argentina

The Lessard ( and Nuñez Labs ( are looking for graduate students to work on a newly funded project assessing how soil microbes influence the response of plants to climate change. The project is funded by a Concordia University Research Chair in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning to JP Lessard and will consist of a suite of comparative studies conducted in the boreal forests of Canada and Argentina. The graduate students are expected to be based at Concordia University and conduct fieldwork in both Canada and Argentina.

Potential applicants interested in the project should have previous experience or be willing to learn next generation sequencing techniques in order to characterize soil microbial communities along broad—scale environmental gradients. Prior experience working in plant community ecology or ecosystem ecology more generally is a plus. Prior experience conducting field experiments and the ability to speak French and Spanish are good assets, but not obligatory.

Expected starting date is August 2018 but could be as early as May 2018. The positions come with competitive stipends and cover research expenses related to traveling between Canada and Argentina. Selected applicants are expected to apply for external funding, participate in regular lab meetings, attend departmental seminars, publish results in peer reviewed journals and present their research in national and international meetings.

Applicants should email Tonia De Bellis ( This email should include:(i)1-2paragraphs describing research interests and any relevant past experiences, (ii) a CV (with references), and (iii) unofficial transcript(s) pertaining to your previous or ongoing studies. If interested, please apply as soon as possible.