PhD POSITION IN HUMAN ECOLOGY. Application deadline: June 17th 2019.

The study of pre-industrial human populations offers a unique opportunity to answer questions in evolutionary biology that require longitudinal data over many generations. We use a remarkable database assembled at the Université de Montréal which includes the lifehistories of more than 800,000 individuals born between 1608 and 1750. Date of birth and death are known in more than 80% of the cases and the genealogy of married women is known in 95% of the cases, making this dataset one of the most detailed of its kind in the world.

Our goal is to study carry-over effects of early life conditions on fitness and measure how the heritability of fitness is context-dependent (family, environment) and is affected by intergenerational environmental effects. Other questions of interest from the PhD candidate are welcome.

Candidates should have an MSc level background in ecology and evolution and should possess or have interest in gaining strong biostatistical skills. Funding is available for three years but candidates will also be required to seek for external grants (e.g. FRQNT, NSERC).

The expected starting date is September 2019. The PhD candidate will be cosupervised at the Université de Sherbrooke and Bishop’s University and will be expected to interact with our collaborators in demography at the Université de Montréal (Alain Gagnon and Lisa Dillon).

If interested, send an email to Patrick Bergeron ( or to Fanie Pelletier ( before June 17th, including a cover letter, a copy of your CV and a transcript.