We are seeking an enthusiastic candidate to undertake a PhD in ecosystem modelling to compare the long-term and large-scale impact of even and uneven-aged management on forest sustainability

Project summary: Uneven-aged management (i.e. partial logging) is gaining strong public support due to numerous finding showing that in the first few years following logging, at the stand scale, it provides more habitat for biodiversity, store more carbon, and are better for recreational and touristic purposes than are even-aged management (i.e. clearcuts). However, few studies have examined the large-scale, long-term effects of uneven-aged management on forest sustainability. Because uneven-aged management practices usually require the construction of more roads they may also lead, on large spatial and temporal scales, to increase forest loss and fragmentation, as well as carbon emission. As part of this project, the student will use a spatially explicit model of forest dynamics to investigate the impact of harvesting strategies with different levels of retention and spatial distributions on available wood volume, road construction and landscape connectivity for biodiversity.

The candidate will enroll in PhD program in biology or environmental sciences at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and will join the Center for Forest Research under the supervision of Élise Filotas (TÉLUQ) and Christian Messier (UQAM-UQO).
Starting date: summer 2017 or fall 2017.

Stipend: 20,000$/year for 3 years.

Expertise/ Profile required

  •   MSc in biological sciences or related discipline *AND* good knowledge and skills in computer modelling and quantitative analysis.


    MSc in mathematics, physics or computer science *AND* a high motivation to learn forest ecology.

  •   Familiar with computer programming (R, matlab, C or python).
  •   Independent, rigorous and excellent skills in analysis and problem solving.
  •   Be able to work and write in French and English (or motivation to do so).

    Applicants should provide a copy of their CV and transcripts, a short motivation letter (max 1 page), and the contact information of two referees to: Applications will be considered until the position is filled.