Ph.D. student needed to study the resilience of trees to drought in the temperate forest


The selected student will (1) validate the tolerance of different species to drought in stands with different structures and compositions using a dendrochronological approach that investigates responses during the numerous episodes of droughts in recent years and 2) evaluate water harvesting strategies and climate variables that control transpiration in the dominant commercial species in southern Quebec using water tracing and flow measurement techniques.

The student will become a member of the Center for Forest Research (CFR) and will benefit from services in statistics, databases, GIS, etc. The project will be conducted in collaboration with the regional hardwoods forestry agency (mostly on private forest lands), Ouranos (a climate change consortium)and the Ministry of forests, wildlife and parks. The student will be supervised by Professors Daniel Kneeshaw (UQAM) and Daniel Houle (MFFP-Ouranos). The latter will also be the supervisor of the MITACS internship at Ouranos.

Requirements: The candidate must have completed a master’s degree in forestry, biology or another relevant discipline and must have an excellent academic record, good writing skills and good analytical skills. Knowledge in ecophysiology and experience in database management are assets.

Treatment: $ 20 – 21,000 / year or more at the doctoral level (funded by a MITACS project), potential to increase salary through TA ship as well, possibility of recruitment scholarship, internal univerity top-up scholarships. A waiver of foreign student fees for foreign students will also be applied

Duration: 3 years

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