I seek to recruit a Ph.D. student to take part in the newly funded Canadian Airborne Biodiversity Observatory, a multi-institution effort that aims to integrate field surveys of vegetation, measurement of functional traits and spectral signatures of leaves, and spectral images from aerial vehicles, to quantify plant biodiversity from the scale of leaves to the scale of Canada. For this specific project, the student will lead field efforts at one focal site, Parc national du Mont Mégantic (near Sherbrooke, Québec), testing the influence of logging history and climate gradients on tree biodiversity, and calibrating methods to quantify plant diversity and functional traits from aerial images. The student will be supervised by Mark Vellend (Université de Sherbrooke), with possible co-supervision by Étienne Laliberté (Institut de recherche en biologie végétale, Université de Montréal). We seek candidates with expertise in tree identification, experience doing field work in rugged terrain, quantitative skills, and strong communication abilities. Please send inquiries to Mark Vellend: mark.vellend@usherbrooke.ca