M.Sc. or Ph.D position on mycorrhizal network assembly

In natural environments, plants and arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi interact in complex webs/networks. These networks have a deterministic, non-random structure, yet we still poorly understand the drivers and functional consequences of such structure. We also have yet to fully appreciate the flexibility of these networks, and thus their potential resistance and resilience to disturbances and anthropogenic pressures. The aim of this project is to look at mycorrhizal network assembly along gradients (e.g., temporal, environmental) to determine how the structure of these interaction networks is shaped by preferential rewards and environmental selection of AM fungal and/or plant traits. This project will also prime the development of trait-based research in AM fungal ecology, a major frontier in the field.

Université de Montréal is one of the highest ranked university in the world, ranked third in Canada, in the city rated THE world’s best student city in 2017. Research in plant science and microbial ecology is done in research labs adjacent to the Botanical Garden, a truly unique research environment.

Interested candidates should:

• Have some background in statistics and R programming
• Ideally have experience in molecular biology
• Have a valid driving license
• Be motivated to work in sometimes hard meteorological conditions in the field

Interested applicants should send to pierre-luc.chagnon@umontreal.ca<mailto:pierre-luc.chagnon@umontreal.ca>:

1- A letter of motivation
2- A short CV with research-related work experience and a publication list
3- An unofficial transcript