M.Sc. or Ph.D position in fungal functional diversity

Ectomycorrhizal (ECM) fungi operate crucial functions in terrestrial ecosystems, contributing to nutrient cycling, soil C storage and altering plant net primary productivity. Yet, we still lack a sound understanding of their functional diversity, and how this diversity is distributed across taxonomic and spatial scales in natural landscapes. The aims of the currently available project are to (1) better appreciate intraspecific trait diversity in ECM fungi, (2) determine how the abiotic environment filters ECM fungal traits and (3) look at plant ECM fungal trait selection. As such, this project will involve a rich mixture of practice and theory in community assembly, ecological niches, evolution of cooperation and partner selection. The project will be held at Université de Montréal, in the Station de Biologie des Laurentides. This field station is extremely well suited for this project, with a heterogeneous and precisely mapped landscape of various ECM host plants, which offer a great opportunity to look at ECM community filtering. We are looking for a motivated student with (1) excellent academic record, (2) demonstrated potential for autonomy and (3) sound understanding of mycorrhizal symbioses and community ecology. The student should begin by January 2019, or May 2019 at the latest. Interested candidates should send their CV (with references) and a motivation letter to pierre-luc.chagnon@umontreal.ca<mailto:pierre-luc.chagnon@umontreal.ca>.