Job offer: research assistants on an ecosystem monitoring project in the Arctic, Bylot and Igloolik Island. Application deadline: October 17, 2019.

The Canada Research Chair in Polar & Boreal Ecology is seeking applicants for field assistant positions on an ongoing ecosystem monitoring project on Igloolik Island (Nunavut). This project aims at monitoring populations of nesting birds, lemmings, and arthropods, as well as plant communities in this High-Arctic region of Canada. In parallel to this ecosystem monitoring, we also investigate the decline in shorebirds populations in the Arctic. To better understand the mechanisms underlying the decline of certain shorebirds species, we study their migratory patterns and their demography in collaboration with researchers working at a circumpolar scale. Fieldwork in Igloolik will be conducted between June to end of July 2020, and the contract will include tasks in May or August in Moncton. This summer job could lead to Master’s/Honour’s projects for interested candidates. If you are interested in a Master’s project, please indicate it in the application form.

Fieldwork duties:
– Monitoring birds nests
– Trapping shorebirds, lemmings and arthropods
– Conducting plant survey
– Automatic fauna monitoring
– Managing samples

Supervision: Nicolas Lecomte (Université de Moncton)

Skills required:
– Team spirit and sense of initiative
– Good physical condition
– Fieldwork and camping experience (in remote location would be an asset)
– Scientific rigour (data collection and sample management)
– Good academic achievement would be an asset
– To have completed 1 semester of an undergraduate program in biology (or similar field)

When and how to apply? You can apply by filling the online application form ( and by sending the documents describe below by email ( before October 17, 2019. To complete the application, you will need the contact information for two references. The files to submit are the electronic versions of your CV (2 pages maximum) and of your university transcripts (non-official versions are accepted). Please use the following format for naming your files: “First Name”_”Last Name”_”CV or Transcript”. Pre-selected candidates should be available for an interview on October 17 and 22, 2019.