Graduate Research Opportunity, Sediment carbon biogeochemistry and microbial dynamics in Northern Lakes

Start date: Fall 2018 / Winter 2019

Location: Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada

A graduate assistantship is available to carry out a Ph.D. thesis in the group of the Industrial Research Chair in Carbon Biogeochemistry in Boreal Aquatic Systems (CarBBAS) Department des sciences de biologie of the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). The research project will focus on regional patterns in organic C sedimentation and burial across northern lakes, exploring potential shifts in contemporary C burial, and establishing links to regional climate and landscape changes. The project will further explore links between lake C burial and other aspects of lake C biogeochemistry in northern landscapes, including carbon loading, dynamics and processing, greenhouse gas dynamics, ecosystem metabolism, and also potential links to sediment microbial community composition and function. The project will involve a combination of approaches, including ITRAX core scanning and stable isotopic analyses to characterize lake sediments, chemical and physical measurements, optical, isotopic and chemical characterization of organic matter, a wide range of process measurements, and GIS and landscape modeling measurements, and genomic approaches to characterize sediments microbial communities. Our students are part of a highly dynamic, diverse and multidisciplinary aquatic group in the Département des sciences biologiques of the UQÀM, with expertise ranging from nutrient and C biogeochemistry, ecosystem modeling, to microbial, plankton and ecosystem ecology. The project will be in co-supervision with Dr. Irene Gregory-Eaves (McGill University), and the student will therefore also benefit from the extensive resources and expertise available in the Biology Department at McGill University. Interested students should send a letter of introduction, academic resume, and the names of two references, to Paul del Giorgio (, 514-7957983). E-mail enquiries and applications are welcome. Starting date: Fall 2018/Winter 2019.