PHD (2) AND POSTDOC (1) POSITIONS OFFERED – People and trees: intimately connected by a shared microbiome in an urban world

AIM: Identify the direct and indirect impacts of urban tree diversity on public health to help city-planners reduce the incidence of autoimmune diseases in at-risk populations.

Because this aim is considerable, we seek to constitute a team of members with complementary interests and skills. The specific tasks of each member will be determined at hiring.

OBJECTIVES: Over a gradient of social inequalities in two Canadian cities, we will: (1) compile tree diversity indicators using advanced ground-based and 3D remote sensing approaches; (2) identify and quantify airborne microorganisms, pollen, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted by urban trees; (3) measure relationships between tree diversity, microbial diversity, pollen, VOCs, and public health (i.e., prevalence of asthma and allergies). Finally, we will (4) disseminate our results through an application that will allow end-users to estimate the health value of city-planning scenarios at the neighborhood level.

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