Fully funded MSc in Geography: Marine Habitat Mapping in Coastal Labrador.

We seek an M.Sc. student for a marine habitat mapping project in coastal Labrador, beginning in May, 2020.  This project will work with both new multibeam sonar data as well as previously existing data from the Canadian Hydrographic Service and from previous ArcticNet mapping studies in coastal bays of central and northern Labrador. Three research questions will lie at the centre of this project. 1) What benthic habitats do two focal fish species, Arctic charr and rock cod, occupy? 2) What high biodiversity and/or sensitive habitats are found in nearshore waters of Nunatsiavut and Northern Labrador, and where do these occur? 3) How similar or different are the benthic habitats and species found in coastal bays of Nunatsiavut vs. those in adjacent biogeographic regions. This project will be in cooperation with the government of Nunatsiavut and Fisheries & Oceans Canada.  Required skills include a quantitative background in geomorphology, ecology or marine biology and familiarity with a programming language (e.g. R), previous experience acquiring or processing acoustic or video data will be considered a strong asset.

For more information, please contact Evan Edinger (eedinger@mun.ca) or Katleen Robert (Katleen.robert@mi.mun.ca) with a CV and a cover letter stating your main research interests.

Closing date: January 15, 2020

Prospective start date: May 2020

Please visit: https://www.mi.mun.ca/graduateopportunities/