Graduate Research Opportunity, Aquatic Carbon Biogeochemistry in Boreal Aquatic Ecosystems

Start date: Summer – Winter / Spring 2020

Location: Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada

Several graduate assistantships are available to carry out Master’s or Ph.D. theses in the Aquatic Ecology Group of the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM). The projects will be associated to the NSERC-funded Chair in Carbon Biogeochemistry in Boreal Aquatic Systems (CarBBAS). The research projects may focus on a wide range of issues related to C biogeochemistry and greenhouse gas dynamics in northern aquatic ecosystems, including lake and river organic carbon dynamics and processing, greenhouse gas dynamics, and ecosystem metabolism; links between aquatic and terrestrial C biogeochemistry and ecosystem function; the role of aquatic ecosystems on regional carbon budgets; greenhouse gas dynamics in hydroelectric reservoirs and the C footprint of hydroelectric power generation. The projects will likely involve a combination of approaches, including in situ point and continuous gas, chemical and physical measurements, optical, isotopic and chemical characterization of organic matter, a wide range of process measurements, GIS and landscape modeling measurements, and molecular microbial techniques. The research favors an integrative, network scale perspective of inland waters across the boreal biome of Québec, but comparative work in temperate and subarctic systems in Québec and elsewhere will also be carried out. The candidate will join the highly dynamic, diverse and multidisciplinary team of the NSERC-funded Industrial Research Chair in Carbon Biogeochemistry in Boreal Aquatic Systems (, which in turn is part of a aquatic group in the Département des sciences biologiques of the UQAM, with collective expertise in nutrient and C biogeochemistry, ecosystem and landscape modeling, population, community and ecosystem ecology, genomics and molecular ecology. The UQÀM is a francophone university, but English is the working language in the group, our students can choose to take courses in our sister universities and can submit their theses in English. Interested students should send a letter of introduction, academic resume, and the names of two references, to Paul del Giorgio (, 514-7957983). E-mail enquiries and applications are welcome. Starting date: Winter-Spring 2020.