1 PhD (or MSc) research position is available in my lab starting September 2019.

The aim of the project is to test some of the key predictions of mating systems theory. This research will involve using a long-term individual-based data (breeding phenology and rutting behaviour data from 1996 to 2017). This project also involves manipulative experiments and observational fieldwork in northern Finland (playback experiment, phenology of the vocalization during the rut, etc).

Suitable candidates will have an MSc (or BSc) in Biology or a similarly recognized degree. The ideal candidate must have: Very strong quantitative skills (statistics) – Experience in field research settings – Be determined to complete a PhD degree – Have a good academic background (good GPA). The candidate should be ready to work in remote areas and to work in team.

I am particularly interested in candidate with some experience or background in Vocalizations/Acoustics (or willing to learn rapidly).

Financial support is available for three years (PhD) or 2 years (MSc), but if eligible, candidates will be encouraged to apply for external grant (FQRNT and NSERC). Students with a successful scholarship will receive a bonus on top of their scholarship.

If interested, send me by email ( before May 30, 2019: a copy of your CV, transcript and a short statement of purpose, as well as the name and email addresses of 2 references.

Robert Weladji
Department of biology
Concordia University