PhD position: Wood Turtle Ecology and Response to Forest Harvest, University of New Brunswick, Natural Resources Canada – Canadian Forest Service

We are looking for a PhD student with broad interest in herpetology and forest management to work on a project investigating Wood Turtle (Glyptemys insculpta) response to forest harvest. The four-year project is a before-after design, in which populations will be monitored and turtles will be tracked using GPS-telemetry before and after forest harvest. The goal is to evaluate and develop best-management practices related to management of critical habitat. The student will be expected to develop and investigate questions on movement ecology, habitat selection, habitat management, that involve theory and application. This is a rare opportunity to conduct a controlled large scale ecological experiment to understand how animals respond to habitat change. The position will be based out of the University of New Brunswick and the Canadian Forest Service in Fredericton, New Brunswick, with Drs. Chris Edge ( and Graham Forbes ( and begin in September of 2019.

Our ideal candidate will have a broad interest in wildlife biology, conservation biology, species at risk, evolutionary ecology, and/or ecology. Experience with GPS- and/or radio-telemetry, species at risk, forestry, habitat selection, and advanced movement statistics such as utilization distributions, random walk, or Brownian motion are an asset. The project is field based and will require substantial work outdoors. We encourage applicants who are interested in using the data collected in this project to test broad ecological questions related to how animals respond to disturbance and use those responses to predict long-term and broad-spatial population effect.

Interested applicants should send a 1 page cover letter detailing their research interests and CV to Dr. Chris Edge via email (christopher.edge[at] Informal inquiries about the project via email are encouraged. All candidates will be considered, but preference will be given to Canadian Citizens. Applications will be reviewed until a suitable candidate is found.