MSc project on the anti-predator posture and colouration in Red-spotted newts

We are currently seeking an MSc student to evaluate variation in anti-predator defences within and across populations of Red-spotted newts (Notophthalmus viridescens viridescens). The project will involve pairing field studies that quantify variation in defensive colouration and behaviour in wild animals with field experiments that evaluate the efficacy of various strategies across predator guilds and habitat types. More broadly this work will test hypotheses which seek to identify proximate and ultimate explanations for standing variation in suites of defensive strategies both within and among populations.

The funding package includes a competitive stipend as well as coverage of all field-related travel and other expenses. Successful candidates will have a BSc in Biology or related field, experience conducting field work in remote locations, a strong work ethic, and interest in working collaboratively in a large and diverse research group. Additional desirable skills include amphibian field skills, and the ability to work independently. While not necessary, individuals that have experience with high performance liquid chromatography are encouraged to apply.

To apply, please send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, unofficial academic transcript, and contact information for 3 references to: Dennis Murray ( The successful candidate will begin enrolment at Trent University by May (preferably) or September 2019, and we will accept applications until a suitable candidate is found, so apply early. See for additional information.