WCS Canada is seeking a scientist (PhD‐level or equivalent experience) to assist the Freshwater Conservation Scientist with data analysis and scientific writing. This is a short‐term contract position (18 weeks; $20,000) that will support WCS Canada’s Freshwater Conservation Program in Ontario’s Northern Boreal landscape. Data analysis will focus on analyzing fish physiological data and fish movement data (i.e., field acoustic telemetry) using appropriate statistical approaches. Scientific writing will focus on editing scientific writing related to spatial analysis, and assisting with policy comments on relevant freshwater topics (e.g., Canadian federal Fisheries Act, Ontario bait policy, Ontario wetlands policy). Preferred start date is 18 September 2017 (negotiable). All work can be performed remotely. Deadline for application 15 August 2017.
Position Objectives:
Support the implementation of goals and objectives in the Freshwater Conservation Strategy for Ontario’s Northern Boreal, specifically:
1) Addressing direct and cumulative impacts of land‐use (mining, hydroelectric development, infrastructure) on freshwater resources, particularly lake sturgeon;
2) Applying freshwater conservation planning tools in support of local and regional land‐use planning; and,
3) Promoting freshwater conservation in policy, planning, and legislation affecting Ontario’s Northern Boreal landscape.
Principal Responsibilities:
1)  Analyze fish physiology and movement data using appropriate statistical approaches and prepare results for public presentation. Use of R for data analysis and data presentation (e.g., graphs, figures) is strongly preferred.
2) Edit a draft scientific manuscript and prepare for submission to a peer‐reviewed outlet.
3) Assist the Freshwater Conservation Scientist with policy comments on relevant topics (e.g., Canadian federal Fisheries Act, Ontario bait policy, Ontario wetlands policy).
- Ph.D. or equivalent experience in freshwater ecology, fisheries ecology, or aquatic conservation.
– Demonstrated ability to analyze data and presentation using appropriate statistical techniques in R.
- Demonstrated ability to write for a scientific audience and prepare manuscripts for publication in peer‐reviewed outlets.

- Excellent oral and written communication skills for diverse audiences.

To Apply:
Please send cover letter, resume/cv (including contact information for 3 references) together with a brief and relevant example of your written work to WCS Canada by email or mail by 15 August 2017:
By email: with the subject “FRESHWATER CONTRACT”
By mail: Human Resources, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada, 344 Bloor Street West, Suite #204, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5S 3A7
About WCS Canada:
WCS Canada ( was established as a Canadian conservation organization in July 2004. Our mission is to conserve wildlife and wild places by improving our understanding of and seeking solutions to critical problems that threaten key species and large wild ecosystems throughout Canada. We implement and support comprehensive field studies that gather information on wildlife needs and then seek to resolve key conservation problems by working with a broad array of stakeholders. We also provide technical assistance and biological expertise to local groups and agencies that lack the resources to tackle conservation concerns. WCS Canada is independently registered and managed, while retaining a strong collaborative working relationship with sister Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) programs in more than 60 countries.