20th Evolutionary Biology Meeting, Marseilles, France

Dates: 20-23 September 2016

Location: Regional Center of Educational Documentation (“Centre Régional de Documentation Pédagogique”), Marseille, France. 


  • Evolutionary biology concepts and modelling;
  • Biodiversity and Systematics;
  • Comparative genomics and post-genomics (at all taxomic levels);
  • Functional phylogeny;
  • Environment and biological evolution;
  • Origin of life and exobiology;
  • Non-adaptative versus adaptative evolution;
  • The “minor” phyla: their usefulness in evolutionary biology knowledge;
  • Convergent evolution
  • Evolution of complex traits (Evo-Devo)

Early Registration Fees: 

  • Academics and others 370 euros
  • Students 270 euros

Late Registration Fees (After 1 July):

  • Academics and others 470 euros
  • Students 370 euros

Registration fees include coffee breaks, lunches (19th-22nd September), 19th and 21st dinners, 20th cocktail and social events during the week-end.

For more information, contact Don Stewart (don.stewart@acadiau.ca), Marie-Helene Rome (marie-helene.ROME@univ-amu.fr) or visit the conference website at http://sites.univ-provence.fr/evol-cgr/