Workshop: Species range extensions and local adaptation

4th ANdinA international workshop

Species range extensions and local adaptation: challenging ecological and evolutionary ideas and assumptions

San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina, 29 January-2 February 2018

ANdinA holds its unique dialogue-style workshops in wonderful locations around the world every two years.  We bring together 30-40 researchers from a diverse range of disciplines to debate challenges, deconstruct contentious issues, develop new ideas and expand future horizons in topics related to ecology, evolution and management.  We then publish the results of our deliberations and ideally walk away with the beginnings of new collaborations. This time we will be in the mountains of Patagonia discussing two distinct but inter-dependent topics: species range extensions and local adaptation.  The meeting should therefore appeal to researchers interested in contexts such as responses to climate and other environmental change, species invasions, weed/pest management, conservation and adaptation to global change.

The cost for everything (except travel to Patagonia and alcoholic beverages) is just US$1000.  One third of places are reserved for Early-Career Researchers (who pay only US$400). Everyone will have the opportunity to co-author at least one paper to be submitted to an international journal.

We are seeking expressions of interest from enthusiastic people who are prepared to actively involve themselves in relaxed, free-flowing dialogue.  Come to challenge and to be challenged in a supportive, egalitarian environment.  Contributions will be valued from any relevant area of research: molecular evolution to mathematical ecology, biophysical to social sciences, pure to applied, specialists to generalists.

For those seeking inspiring interactions with inspiring people in truly inspiring surroundings, please visit our web site for further information, including how to apply:

and/or contact Roger Cousens at The University of Melbourne (

20th Evolutionary Biology Meeting, Marseilles, France

Dates: 20-23 September 2016

Location: Regional Center of Educational Documentation (“Centre Régional de Documentation Pédagogique”), Marseille, France. 


  • Evolutionary biology concepts and modelling;
  • Biodiversity and Systematics;
  • Comparative genomics and post-genomics (at all taxomic levels);
  • Functional phylogeny;
  • Environment and biological evolution;
  • Origin of life and exobiology;
  • Non-adaptative versus adaptative evolution;
  • The “minor” phyla: their usefulness in evolutionary biology knowledge;
  • Convergent evolution
  • Evolution of complex traits (Evo-Devo)

Early Registration Fees: 

  • Academics and others 370 euros
  • Students 270 euros

Late Registration Fees (After 1 July):

  • Academics and others 470 euros
  • Students 370 euros

Registration fees include coffee breaks, lunches (19th-22nd September), 19th and 21st dinners, 20th cocktail and social events during the week-end.

For more information, contact Don Stewart (, Marie-Helene Rome ( or visit the conference website at