1 PhD and 3 Msc positions on quantitative genetic and reproductive strategies in natural systems at uOttawa

Multiple graduate student positions (Msc and PhD) available in Julien Martin lab’s at the University of Ottawa (https://juliengamartin.github.io). Enthusiastic graduate students will carry out research on reproductive strategies and life-history trade-offs using a quantitative genetic approach based on several long-term studies including the yellow-bellied marmots project in Colorado (>55 years of data) and the alpine swifts project in Switzerland (>25 years of data). For more details about the projects go to https://juliengamartin.github.io/opportunities/.

Financial support is available for 3 and 2 years for PhD and Msc respectively. Students are expected to complete a minimum of one teaching assistantship per year.

The ideal candidate should have:

– BSc or Msc. in biology.

– A strong interest for statistical analyses and R programming.

– The ability to work alone and in teams.

– The motivation for long field seasons.

Students that are interested should send a writing sample (thesis, paper or scientific article), a CV, a motivation letter, and the contact of two references to Dr. Martin (julien.martin@uottawa.ca). We will continue to consider applications until the position is filled.